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Information (data) recovery Kyiv

Advanced technology age places the highest value on information. Advanced devices allow us to store large volumes of data and have high level of saved files protection against damage and loss. Despite this, in many cases information is deleted accidentally or is lost when the storage drive is breaking down. Experts of "EPOS" company render wide range of services ranging from data recovery to data protection ensuring.

Data Recovery

"EPOS" company performs data recovery Kyiv from types of media as follows:

  • removable media;
  • flash;
  • servers;
  • digital video recorders;
  • laptops;
  • industrial computers;
  • mobile devices;
  • HDD;
  • RAID;
  • virtual machines.

Both recovery of separate files and all lost volume of information are possible. If you need to recover data Kyiv, you shall personally bring your storage media to our experts or to use our express delivery services. As soon as your order is placed, experts will run diagnostics and will make the conclusion as to the recovery possibility. "EPOS" company takes up even the most complicated cases and successfully returns all the necessary information to the customer.

Laptop data recovery

Data recovery from laptop is one of the most requested services. These portable devices accompany its owner almost anywhere and are often subjected to mechanical stress, which leads to hard disk breakage. On frequent occasions, laptops store the most valuable information. Data recovery from portable storage media is a complicated procedure. Professional competence of the employees of "EPOS" company enables to perform this procedure within the shortest time possible.

Flash data recovery

USB storage drives are rather widespread, like the solid state drives that are widely used in modern laptops. These portable, high-speed devices are convenient for the storage of important relevant information. Data recovery from flash is performed by using "FleshExtractor" complex, developed by leading experts of "EPOS" company.

File recovery

If you need to recover files from any type of modern media, all you shall do is to entrust this important mission to the experts of "EPOS" company. During 19 consecutive years our employees are successfully restoring data even in the most intractable cases.

HDD data recovery

The loss of information on HDD is a major problem, since hard disk drives (HDD) are of large volume: when HDD is malfunctioning, all the information contained on computer may be lost.

Information loss reasons in HDD may be divided into hardware and software. Hardware reasons include HDD malfunctioning resulting in lack of access to data. In such cases, HDD recovery shall first be performed. When this is done, works on the analysis and extraction of the very information may be performed. Software (logical) damages include information loss cases when HDD is properly functioning, but the access to the data stored on it is lost.

EPOS company performs works on information restoration from HDDs even in the most complicated cases. Professional equipment, unique technology and many years of experience allow us to work with any HDD models: ranging from the most advanced to taken out of production models of any manufacturer: Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Toshiba, HP, IBM, Maxtor, Nikimi, Quantum, etc.

The most common reasons for information loss on HDDs are as follows:

Units damage inside the sealed chamber of HDD

The most common malfunctions that need recovery of information from HDD to be performed with the sealed chamber opening - magnetic head assembly breakdown, engine seizure, and displacement of plates. HDD's sealed chamber opening may only be performed in clean room (special equipped room). If work is performed in improper room, irreversible loss of information may occur. EPOS has Ukraine's only clean room of class 100 to perform works inside the sealed chamber of HDD.

The presence of unreadable and hard to read sections on the magnetic surface of the disk

The range of possible damage causes of the magnetic surface of the disk is rather broad, but the most common of them is abnormal operating conditions. Surface destruction process occurs like an avalanche, therefore, when working with damaged drives, it is important to speed up the process of reading and processing of defective sections. EPOS company has developed special adaptive reading technologies that allow to extract the maximum amount of information from HDDs if magnetic surface is damaged.

HDD's control board (controller) damage

Control board damage is one of the most common malfunctions of HDD. This problem is often linked to power supply circuit failures. In such cases, HDD recovery starts with the replacement of controller to undoubted good HDD with its with subsequent adaptation to HDD's sealed chamber. Piece of the service information of HDD is stored on control board, and these unique adaptive setups shall be transferred to the controller that is being installed. Setups transfer to properly functioning control board is performed by using specialized software and hardware.

Service information damage of the storage drive

The service area of HDD's space contains a number of programs that control over the operation of the HDD. This area is inaccessible to the user. If service information is damaged, HDD may be improperly detected in BIOS or may not be detected at all. In such a case, the access to user data on the storage drive is lost. When working with such drives one shall first recover HDD's data from the service area. For this purpose special equipment is used. It provides access to the service information of HDD at the level of technological commands and allows for the performance of works required to correct it. As soon as HDD recovering is performed, data extraction and its subsequent analysis are carried out.

Access blocking to HDD by using password

Increasingly frequently personal computers, laptops, industrial information storage and processing systems use HDD data access protection by using password. When working with such HDDs, removal or bypass of password is first performed through the use of special hardware or software.

Destruction of disk's logical design

Disk's logical design is a procedure that defines data organization principle, format, and method of physical storage of information. Disk's logical design damage may be the lack of access to disk partitions, reflection of logical volumes as unformatted, disappearance or damage of file system objects. To restore data, exact copy of user's space of disk is first created. This very sector-wise copy is used to analyse the degree of damage of logical design and to perform subsequent recovery of information.

Formatting, re-installation of operational system

Formatting process involves creation (formation) of data access logical designs, such as file system structures. There are two formatting options:

  • without user area rerecording (fast) - only service tables are created;
  • with user area rerecording - recording of user data storage area is performed along with service tables creation.

Upon formatting completion entire user data storage area is treated by operating system as empty, ready to for information recording, regardless of what was in this storage area before the formatting. Therefore, during the subsequent installation of the operating system, new files and directories are recorded to the user area, which partially or completely rerecords data that were there before the formatting.

When working with HDD with damaged logical design, minimization of the number of possible disk accesses is needed. EPOS Engineers have developed the tool that makes HDD work in read-only mode. This allows us to create exact sector-wise copy of a disk without making any changes to the original. Further analysis and data recovery from HDD are performed from copy only.

Information deletion (accidental or intentional)

When data is deleted by using standard means of the operating system, the data itself physically remain on the storage drive, but in file tables they are marked as deleted. The operating system treats place, where deleted objects were located before, as a free and ready to record information. Therefore, when making subsequent recording on a disk, partial or full rerecording of pre-existing data is possible, which in turn complicates the recovery of deleted files or completely excludes such a possibility.

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