How o order
How o order

Data recovery procedure

1. Free consultation

Lost your data and don't know what to do? Self-reliant attempts to recover the data may cause irreversible loss! To prevent user mistakes, EPOS data recovery center provides free consultation. Contact us via telephone, e-mail.

2. Media transfer to EPOS data recovery center

To detect the reason and the price for your data recovery, we should receive your media. It is possible to transfer the media to EPOS data recovery center personally or using delivery services.

Please, indicate the recipient's address strictly as follows:

International shipmentorShipment within CIS region
(Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, ...)
EPOS data recovery center
32, Verkhnii Val,
Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071
Tel./Fax: +38 (044) 467-7540

Центр восстановления информации ЕПОС
ул. Верхний Вал, 32,
г. Киев, Украина, 04071
Тел./факс: +38 (044) 467-7540

Pack the media safely, because most electronic devices are fragile and sensitive to electrostatic discharge. It is preferable to put the media into its factory container. In case you don't have the factory container for your media, you can get it from almost any computer company. Additionally, wrap the container in 1 cm-thick wadding or in 2-3 layers of protective bubble film. Add the contact information, using which EPOS data recovery center can contact you after the free diagnostics. Please mark the parcel as FRAGILE.

3. Free express-diagnostics, price evaluation and urgency agreement

Upon receipt of the media, our engineers do the express-diagnostics to define the degree of damage and approximate recovery algorithm. Our managers inform you about the results of the express-diagnostics and the approximate price. In addition, the you can select the urgency level:

Data recovered in 3-10 working days.
priority order PRIORITY
Data recovered in 1-3 working days.
urgent order URGENT
Data recovered in 24 hours.
immediate order IMMEDIATE
Our engineers take up the order immediately and recover the data as quickly ass possible.

4. Order form

You should state the information about the media, the most important data to be recovered, the situation that caused the data loss. Please fill the order form responsibly, because it may significantly accelerate the recovery process. You should also define the urgency and the type of media to receive the recovered data on. Additionally, it is possible to conclude the confidentiality agreement.

Our engineers start recovering the data only after the order form is filled.

5. Recovered information inspection by Client and payment

You can check order status on our website Order number (номер) and PIN-code (код) can be found in the receipt (show an example).

You pay only in case of successful recovery! To inspect the recovered data and decide whether it is complete or not, you'd better personally arrive at EPOS data recovery center. If it is impossible, you can inspect the recovered data using TeamViewer software. Our engineers can also export the list of recovered files and folders (a tree view).


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