Prices for data recovery, copying and erasure

* Prices here are approximate. VAT not included. The final price depends on storage capacity, complexity and urgency. The final price is defined during the recovery procedure and obligatory negotiated with the Client.

** For HDDs, which has any signs of damage of factory seals or labels, all prices determines in induvidual order.

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Data recovery

Data recovery from hard disk drives (HDD)

HDD capacityPriceCost in case
need to open the camera
Hard drive
Under 400 GB From 2600 UAH From 5700 UAH
500-2000 GB From 3300 UAH From 7400 UAH
3000-4000 GB From 4100 UAH From 9000 UAH
Over 5 ТВ
From 4800 UAH
From 10700 UAH

Data recovery from RAID, servers

RAID levelPrice
RAID 0, 1, 10, 0+1From 5000 UAH
From 7000 UAH
From 8000 UAH

Data recovery from Flash-based media

Storage capacityPriceCost in case of hardware
Under 16 GBFrom 1800 UAHFrom 4100 UAH
32 - 128 GBFrom 2200 UAHFrom 4900 UAH
Over 128 GBFrom 2600 UAHFrom 5700 UAH

Data recovery from SSD

Media type


Cost in case of need
dismantle of memory chips


 From 2800 UAHFrom 5600 UAH

Secure erasure of data

Data erasure on HDD saving operability
(for operable HDD only)
120 UAH per HDD
Degaussing HDD without saving its operability
(for any HDD, including inoperable)
120 UAH per HDD
Data erasure on-site using Lavina degausser1350 UAH per day

Data copying and data transfer

Data copying

Full copy of an HDD (IDE, SATA)300 UAH

HDD repair

Warranty for the HDD repair - 3 months.

HDD capacityPrice
Under 160 GB250 UAH
200-250 GB360 UAH
320-400 GB450 UAH
500-640 GB600 UAH
750 GB780 UAH
1000 GB900 UAH
1,5-2 ТВ
1200 UAH
3 ТВ
1500 UAH

Urgency and complexity factors

Urgency factor

Urgency levelRecovery durationPrice multiplier
30 workings days
StandardUp to 10 working days1
PriorityUp to 5 working days1,25
UrgentIn 3 working days1,5
ImmediateAs quickly as possible2

Complexity factor

The complexity factor is defined during free express-diagnostics. The following properties are considered:

  • HDD's form-factor 2,5” or 1,8”;
  • HDD with SCSI, SAS, IDE, ZIF, LIF interface;
  • malfunction inside the sealed chamber (head-and-disk assembly) of an HDD;
  • production date over 5 years ago;
  • service information damage;
  • previously opened sealed chamber (head disk assembly) of an HDD;
  • uncommon file system;
  • encrypted data;
  • complex database structure;
  • large files (over 500 MB);
  • operating system (OS) recovery;
  • physical damage;
  • any damage (logical or physical) after self-reliant recovery attempts.


ValueAvailable to
Up to 15 %Organizations that have made a service contract with EPOS LLC
10 %State educational and health institutions
10 %Anyone who gives up the source drive (except HDDs with previously opened sealed chamber)
5 %Anyone who precisely specifies file names and full paths to the recovered files (if the total recovered volume is less than 700 MB)
From 2 %

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