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File recovery

File recovery is needed if file is reflected in the operating system, but it is impossible to work with it (does not open, opens with errors). The source of this problem may be both inside the file and inside the file tables as well.

The most common cases of loss or damage of files

  • improper connection or ejection of removable media;
  • file internal structure damage;
  • logical design of file system damage;
  • accidental or intentional data removal;
  • storage drive formatting;
  • malfunction of data storage drive;
  • software breakdown;
  • impact of viruses and malware.

Many years of experience, the most advanced professional tools, development and intensive use of own technologies make EPOS engineers able to recover files in the best possible way and within an optimum time frame.

To increase the chances of successful recovery, it is advised to bring damaged files on the source storage drive (on which they were prior to the failure). In many cases fragments of lost files remain to be in storage drives, among temporary files, in previous deleted versions of the file, for instance. This approach makes it possible to collect to the fullest extent the damaged file from the available fragments.

EPOS renders file recovery services as follows:

  • office files recovery: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat ...
  • databases recovery: 1C, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, MySQL ...
  • mail databases recovery: Outlook, Outlook Express, TheBat!, Microsoft exchange ...
  • recovery of photos and image files: JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop, corel DRAW, Quark Express ...
  • recovery of video files, multimedia files, and music in various formats;
  • archives recovery: ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip ...
  • recovery of password-protected files;
  • recovery of encrypted container files;
  • recovery of other file formats.


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