Flash Data Recovery
Flash Data Recovery

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Flash data recovery

Flash is widely used as digital media storage thanks to its small size, low power consumption and resistance to mechanical stress. This media is used in electronic devices intended for operation in adverse conditions (changes in temperature, operation in motion, negligent storage and handling):

Восстановление информации с Flash-накопителей
  • USB flash drives;
  • SSD (solid-state) drives;
  • memory cards: Secure Digital (SD), xD-Picture, CompactFlash (CF), Memory Stick (MS), MultiMedia Card (MMC), etc.;
  • portable devices: mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras, mp3 players, e-books, voice recorders;
  • consumer electronics, automotive and industrial computers.

The most common cases, when data recovering from flash drive shall be performed are as follows:

  • user errors (accidental file deletion, formatting, improper ejection of storage drive);
  • mechanical damage (connector damage, board damage, exposure to moisture);
  • hardware malfunction (controller failure, service data damage of storage drive);
  • attempts to self-recover files from flash drive;
  • faulty operation of application software;
  • improper recovery of data on a flash drive (user entries or service tables).

Data storage principle in a nonvolatile flash memory is based on the change and registration of electric charge in an isolated section of the semiconductor. Flash is substantially different from magnetic or optical drives as to its recording principle. Flash is storing data in one or several storage chips integrated in one unit.

Data recovery from flash drive that has hardware malfunction is a complex technological process that involves reading off the contents of memory chips, analysis of the data received and their compilation into a single logical design. The main purpose of this process is the return the information to the Customer, rather than flash drive recovery (repair) for its further use.

EPOS engineers have developed its own hardware and software system EPOS FlashExtractor that allows us to recover files from flash drive by using direct physical access to non-volatile memory microchips. By using EPOS FlashExtractor we may successfully recover data from flash drive even in case of physical fault.

The use of this system allows us to work with any memory chips of NAND type and to perform flash drives recovery of the newest types. This is because it supports TLC technology and Reliable Read new reading protocol.

EPOS FlashExtractor is successfully used for data recovery in specialized companies of Ukraine, Russia, the USA, France, Turkey, China.


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