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Laptop Data Recovery

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Laptop data recovery

Due to specific operation conditions HDDs of laptops are often exposed to external environment: mechanical, thermal, humidity. Despite the fact that manufacturers of HDDs and laptops are constantly implementing new software and hardware and software solutions to protect the HDD from the external environment, mechanical affects still remain to be the main cause of malfunctions leading to information loss on portable hard drives (20% more often than other external factors). Such malfunctions include failure of magnetic head assembly, engine seizure, displacement of plates, engine axis damage, HDD's body frame and sealed chamber damage.

The most frequent causes of data loss on laptops are as follows:

  • mechanical affect;
  • moisture attack;
  • storage drive malfunctions, caused by natural aging;
  • storage drive formatting and/or information erasure;
  • data loss when operating system recovery from the image;
  • security system faulty operation.

The popularity of laptops can be attributed to their portability, bigger power if compared to tablet PC, affordable price, small size, and low energy consumption. Tiny 2.5", 1.8", 1.0" hard drives (HDD) may be used as the main storage media of laptops.

Works on information recovery from such storage drives fall in the category of the most complex ones and often require the use of the clean room and specialized tools as well to perform works inside the sealed chamber. Dime-size components significantly complicate the task and, in addition to the required tools they need experts with extensive experience.

Yet another interesting feature of laptops is the existence of built-in operating system recovery features. For this purpose the service area of the storage drive contains master image of operating system. When restoring system to working conditions, it is unpacked into the user area of the storage drive. In such case the data stored in it before are lost.

Moreover, advanced laptops increasingly frequently use solid-state flash drives (SSD) as the main storage drive. In some cases, they are immobile and soldered to the motherboard, which complicates file recovery from laptop.

Experts of EPOS Data Recovery Centre have a wealth of experience and all the tools required to recover information from any laptop model and brand. Technologies and developments of EPOS company allow us to recover maximum information content regardless of the loss cause and storage drive type. On numerous occasions we succeed in recovering of all the data, inclusive of operating system files. Thus, laptop data recovery resumes operation efficiency of operating system and software installed.


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