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Server data recovery

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Server data recovery

Server is a computer designed to perform the service tasks without the direct involvement of the human. Even the usual office PC may serve as a server, but most often this is function is performed by special high-end computer. Regardless of the platform that is being used, servers are usually process and store sensitive information. The loss of such information may result in substantial losses of the company for each day of idle period. Therefore fullness of data recovered and period of work execution are the determining factors in this case.

The most common cases of data loss on servers:

  • hardware failure of server;
  • operating system fault;
  • simultaneous failure of several HDDs;
  • RAID controller breakdown;
  • consequences of improper RAID structure recovery procedures (so-called rebuild);
  • logical design damage on the server;
  • accidental or intentional data removal.

The work with servers always starts with the analysis of the possible data loss reasons, inclusive of storage drives examination. In addition to the above, one shall prevent source data changes on the storage drives. Therefore, analysis and subsequent recovery of data from the server is performed by using hardware record protectors that ensure original discs protect against any changes.

With due regard for increased demands as to the data storage security, RAIDs are usually used on servers. RAIDs data recovery requires in-depth knowledge of their internal structure, hardware and software. EPOS experts have long-term of RAID data recovery of any level.

Server data recovery services rendered by EPOS Data Recovery Centre include as follows:

  • server files recovery;
  • complete server recovery.

In the first case, data obtained is transferred to specially prepared equipment.

In case of complete server recovery, operating system recovery is performed in addition to data recovery. This significantly speeds us putting server back to operation owing to time saving for complicated and time-consuming installation and setup of server's operating system and applications. It should be noted these works of unique complexities to recover the server are performed strictly subject to technical capabilities availability.


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